[Oberon] The underscore nuisance, a little hack.

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at seznam.cz
Mon Oct 27 15:28:55 CET 2003

  Hi, all

  Using the FontEditor, I have slightely modified the Oberon??.Scn.Fnt in such a way as to make the underscore an underscore. I have renamed this set of fonts to Oberon10u.Scn.Fnt, Oberon12u.Scn.Fnt, and so on. (u stands for underscore).

  Intended usage is something like this: insert in the code for EditTools.open (the part which is handling Unix/Ascii files) the following two lines:

	Texts.SetFont(W, Fonts.This("Oberon12u.Scn.Fnt") );
	<original code>
	Texts.SetFont(W, Fonts.Default);

and you'll have in the Oberon text an underscore which is more like a real one. (That is if you need it).

  It is not that hard, to modify the fonts by hand, but if you want them you can get them from here


Regards, Vasile

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