[Oberon] Re. cooperative bug-fixing and refining.

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 28 03:45:25 CET 2003

--- easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:

> Well I just see a list of directories which I can't
> enter with
> the 3 (successivley refined) methods which I used to
> approach it:
>  WebVia email, Desktops.OpenDoc ^ , Linux: lynx !!
> What happened to "any browser" ?
> Any thing only accessible by (non standard)
> Bluebottle is not for me.

I think you misunderstand what is going on here.
This is a WebDAV repository and hence it's accessible
by any standard WebDAV client.  BlueBottle has such
a client.  It should be possible to port the WebDAV
client to Native Oberon, but that isn't complete yet.
As Edgar mentioned in an earlier mail WebDAV requires
XML.  I'm the only one working on porting XML to
Native Oberon (to my knowledge) and I haven't looked
at that for some time now. 

Also my personal view is that N.O. enthusiasts should
at least look at BlueBottle since all N.O. code I've
seen so far works under BlueBottle fine.

At any rate an online co-operatively maintained
distribution of Oberon will require a versioning
system of some kind.  CVS is still the most popular
version control system (it powers SourceForge) but
there currently is no Oberon based CVS client and
I don't see one on the horizon.  WebDAV is a strong
upstart and there is an Oberon WebDAV client,
although currently it only works with BlueBottle
and WinAOS.

> > So why do you hesitate to give Bluebottle a try ?
> No time ? 
> > No Pentium processor ?
> Both: observations suggest that Bluebottle will fail
> the cost-benefit
> test.  Have I told about "the boys that are always
> polishing their
> vehichle, but never make a proper journey" ?   
> Nativeoberon is a work-horse for me, not a toy.

I suppose this makes a big difference as to what
part of the world we are talking about.  Here in
the states we literally "throw away" Pentium 100s.
And Bluebottle is out of the box capable of doing
"real work" out of the box, not just "toy" stuff.
For me the ability to do XML is huge.  I've seen
very little cost and very much benifit to 
BlueBottle.  When WinAOS came out my only 
motivation for porting XML to Native Oberon
(so I could use it with PlugIn Oberon) went
away.  I'll look at it again when I have time.
If there are N.O. users interested enough
in XML and/or WebDAV to help with development
I'll look at it again sooner.

John M. Drake

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