[Oberon] n-o: Rx.Tool ? span multiple lines

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Oct 31 11:06:23 CET 2003

I'm getting emails like this (from win users) :-----------

<p class=3DMsoPlainText><font size=3D2 face=3D"Courier New"><span lang=3D=
I have made some remarks for you. You are welc=
ome to
phone me anytime.<o:p></o:p></span></font></p>

And it is politically incorrect for me to tell the sender to "do it properly".
I suspect they feel they must have a spell checker available ?

>From my previous work with Rx.Tool (before I abandoned it [perhaps
not permanently] when the 'new version' made all my ET.Do scripts,
which used Rx.*, non-functioning) I vaguely remember that Rx.*
can't span multiple lines.

How else would I easily automate fixing this Win-Word-garbage.
I was thinking of deleting all text between "<" and ">".

BTW I was disapointed that I did not succeed with ET.* to simple
place 5-spaces [left margin] for each line of a Dos-formatted file:
 unlike Edit.Open files and unintuitively IMO, the Copy/Select
   parts of the bottom viewer doesn't behave like the top viewer.

ETGuide.Text  reads:
	Indents the most recent selection by adding a tab or space
	character to the front of each line in the selection.  The
	character used depends on the initial character of the first
	selected line. "

Perhaps somewhere in the hidden text-strech between the 
top and bottom viewer, there was a 'tab' which made the system
change gear from using 5 spaces to 5 tabs ?
Or is it the interaction of adding spaces and autoindenting ?

How would I add 5 spaces with RX ?
I think RX needs to use Desktops.OpenDoc  frames ?

It's cumbersome using RepAll and having to count the spaces.
One want's to have a 'single click solution'.
I'm surprised of so little mention of using 'scripts' in n-o.

I use them extensively with linux, eg. to convert Backup.WriteFiles
to linux format.   Even when I don't [want to] remember how to pass
args to scripts, I can just cut the general command and paste
it to the command line and edit the args.

I don't [want to] know how to convert n-o line terminators to linux 
format, even tho' I've seen and used the command line a hundred time.

The 'human/psychology' of the minimalist concept of cut-past-edit
replaces a lot of 'technology'.

==  Chris Glur.

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