Fw: [Oberon] Native Oberon on SourceForge

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at seznam.cz
Mon Nov 3 22:06:40 CET 2003


> Is sourceforge going to offer anything that ethz can't/won't ?
> Is this further fragmentation ?
> == Chris Glur.

The short answer is yes. A longer answer will include more points.

  a) For the moment NO is an unsupported (orphaned) project. (I guess
the people at ETHZ just cannot afford supporting two systems).

  b) You have mentioned Chris, that you have modified versions of Oberon
fonts. For the moment, you cannot put them somewhere where there Oberon
"home" is.

  c) Every SourceForge project gets a bug-tracking system for free.

  d) Non-oberoners, can have a look at the .Mod and .Text files, and
"get hooked".

  e) (A problematic point) A possibility to re-think (and maybe change)
some of the assumptions on which NO is built.

  That's enough for me.

Regards, Vasile.

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