[Oberon] Directories in Aos-FS

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 19 19:17:33 CET 2003

Alexander Hofmann wrote:

> Is it possible to change the Length of Filenames to more than 32 
> chars? Hence the Aos-FS doesn't support directories, it would be good 
> if one could manage his files by "emulating" directories with dots.

It would be quite easy to make an AosFS2 that supports longer file 
names.  You'd just have to be careful to keep the two formats separate, 
e.g. renaming the file system modules and creating a new version with 
different name size constants.  You'd also need modified file system 
tools (AosFSTools) to format AosFS2 partitions.

But if you really want directories, just use the FatFS.

-- Pieter

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