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Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 19 21:16:34 CET 2003

> I've got Fat partitions mounted in NO, but it's not the best solution, 
> because it's not NO's native FileSystem and you can't boot from a Fat or 
> Linux partition without formating a "File-Partition" with AosFS.
> But ok, you don't really need directories in the boot-partition. Was 
> just an idea.

You could mount a AosFS filesystem in a big file stored on any FAT(32) 
partition. --> See the Oberon for Dummies release for details. (This 
feature has not (yet) been integrated into Bluebottle)
You can also boot from a FAT partition but the startup will be very slow 
because there will be too many files in one directory for the filesystem 
to handle efficiently (there is no B-Tree structure in FAT directories).


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