[Oberon] Literate Programming & Visual & Gadgets ?

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Fri Nov 21 18:37:44 CET 2003

At first I though Gadgets and Panels were just a Disney-type gimmick;
(the originator of Turbo-Pascal wrote that he was advised that for the
US market one needed plenty of 'color').  How wrong I was !

The user's prefered 'view', is vital.
In a paper which listed the instruction set of a well known 
microproccessor, the instructions are (wisely) grouped into 3 classes.
The larger class has them listed in an absurd sequence, which took a 
while for me to figure: alphabetic !  I.e. a 'typists view'.

Because Human Computer Interfacing (HCI) is necessarily subjective,
it is difficult to 'prove' any thing. But I still can't understand these
linux/unix gurus who love to find all *.dog in /mnt/tmp by:
    find -s/ wizz-bang -x/dot -TvP -/wow  ..................
when midnight commander (clone of the brilliant Norton commander
originating in DOS days) does it 'visually'.
Similarly the 'visual' menu-driven spread-sheets (was it visicalc ?) IMO
started personel-computing.

 My point being: visual/menu-driven WORKS, apparently not only
 for me.   Much of n-o's success come from this visual/menu-driven
 ability.   Watson is a great step in this direction.
>  The Oberon Tribune
> Vol. 2, Nr. 1	
> Folds are not Enough
> Mayson G. Lancaster, USA
> .........The module is editable both textually and structurally: the text can be 
> edited as any Oberon/F text can, or the structure can be edited: structural 
> elements may be deleted, moved, and copied, both via commands, and via 
> drag and drop. 
Is this a structured editor ?
I don't see any date to this article - I think it's quite old.
What happened to 'structured editors' which were 'talked about'
 decades ago ?   Aren't they viable ?  
Aren't n-o's gadgets very applicable for building such systems ?
 == Chris Glur.

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