[Oberon] n-o: How to dynamically insert ListGadgets ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Nov 23 02:49:18 CET 2003

 apart from popup Menues, I've never seen 'dynamically' appearing
 menues in n-o.
 I'm enthusiatic to construct a panel which eg. for the:
 [Add] button displays a suitably populated ListGadget at a predetermined
     location on the panel;
[Copy] button displays TWO suitably populated ListGadgets at predetermined
     locations on the panel;
As each new 'operator' button is executed, obviously the previous
ListGadget(s) are replaced by the new/appropriate one(s).
We know that 
    Gadgets.Insert  Lists.NewList ~ 
inserts a ListGadget AT THE CARET, but I can't see how to position it
on the panel, absolutely or relative to it's 'called by button'.
 I'm NOT enthusiatic to analyse the existing source code and would
 greatly appreciate info/advice to avoid having to do this.
 == Chris Glur.

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