[Oberon] n-o: ? ET.Marker save user ~ & ET.Marker set saved ~

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Nov 30 21:35:14 CET 2003

When I first started using ETH oberon (during the last millenium), I failed
to understand/use these commands.  Now I have stumbled across them
again and I still fail.

A quick look at ET.Mod shows that ET.Marker save <arg2>, sets the 
(global to ET) variables sX, sY. And as expected ET.Marker set  saved  ~
 'uses' them. Altho' I'm not clear how. 
One should NOT have to analyse the source, to use the ap ?

Q1. Since the 'mark' is relative to the display, why should it's 
coordinates be lost when the 'mark' becomes invisible by moving
it's containing frame ?

Q2.  Do the ET.Marker save <track> and ET.Marker set   saved 
    commands intend to avoid loosing the mark's coordinates 
   due to eg. scrolling it's containing frame ?

Q3. Does the facility only work inside an ET.Open type frame ?

Q4. Why does this fail ?   Try: -
1.  ET.Open   EMi ~  which contains the following 5 lines of text:-

ET.Marker save user ~
ET.Marker set   saved ~
ET.Marker set  this ~ = ok
ET.Marker set  333 400 ~ = ok
ET.ExchangeMenu saved

2. position marker, other than were the next frame would auto-position.

3. ET.Open fl2 ~

4. ET.Marker save user ~

5.  System.Close  fl2

6. ET.Marker set   saved ~

7. ET.Open fl2 ~ == It doesn't open at the 'expected to be saved'

This 'fails' also when 3, 4  are reversed in sequence.

Thanks for any help in solving this annoying problem.

 == Chris Glur.

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