[Oberon] Re. What does Char(hexA7) look like ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu Dec 4 08:50:47 CET 2003

> --- "Douglas G. Danforth" wrote:
> > A7 => "§"  (quotes not included)
> > 
> > You have this on the line below.  I got it from
> > BlackBox/Component 
> > Pascal Character Set.
> > 
> > -Doug

John Drake wrote:
> Thanks Doug.  I'm assuming that Chris is reading 
> this using a program that doesn't support that
> character.  So I took the liberty of converting
> it to a GIF which I've attached as an "AsciiCoder"
> document.
> AsciiCoder.DecodeFiles specialchar.gif ~
> 7UTAhLCH:0 at 50....
Desktops.OpenDoc  specialchar.gif  == Yes, that looks good.
Great, Thanks ! 

Yes indeed; I can't see char(A7) now/yet on my n-o (ver 2001) 
'work-horse'.   So I will include it into my updat(ing) Oberon10.Scn.Fnt 
char-set, which is renamed, for safety.
PictConverters.GIFToPict specialchar.gif  => CharA7.Pict ~
Desktops.OpenDoc  CharA7.Pict ~ == CAN expand to see pixels.
   == 10 high, 5 wide

Where did you get it ?
Did you draw it manually, or 'pick it up' some where ?
If you can 'pick-up' and post the other missing ones, it can save us
 some manual work/guessing.

Desktops.OpenDoc  FontEditor.Panel 
[Load] OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt ~
[A7] == see 'blank template
Set [Metric] = red: left & 1 pixel both sides of edge-lines.
   Based on the appearance of "p", lets put 3 pixel below the line.

Try to select-and-move the received bit-map into the 
blank A7 bit map of the FontEditor.Panel .

In this particular case the received char(A7) is reverse-video
(came about during *.gif  => *.Pict transformation ?) so
we can't use it immediately.  Also it is rather difficult to
position the received bit-map in the FontEditor.Panel's destination
frame.  But if several chars are to be transfered, it is worth taking
time/effort it set up a 'production-flow-line'.

PS. It is counter intuitive that 
 Script.ChangeFont OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt <selected text stretch> 
won't 'show' the update ?! Altho:
FontEditor.Panel > [Load] OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt > [A7] does.

Since I've got my work-horse loaded with 'pending frames'
(other projects), I can't do a M$ (re-boot), but rather move
OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt to another n-o runnable machine via Backup.
The new-char look OK in text.

Considering how this trivial task fits into the BIGGER picture of
n-o/Aos collaboration:

Q1.  Can WebDAV store/handle binary updates ?

Q2.  When I last looked at Edgar's WebDAV, it seemed to have 
    many more directories than the time before. This suggested
   that collaborators have been contributing.
   If so who is going to write the first most basic WebDAV HOW2 ?

 == Chris Glur.

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