[Oberon] RE: ODBC for Oberon

John Stout jstout at cusp.co.uk
Thu Dec 11 20:02:09 CET 2003

Thanks to Bob (Bob Walkden <bob at web-options.com>) for mentioning
Component Pascal.

I did use this as the system for an evening class I taught a couple of
years ago but, I'm afraid,
just don't like it as much as Oberon. I might have another look at. Cost
will, I'm afraid, play
an important factor in which language we use. Is the educational version
of BlackBox still
freely downloadable? I think it was on version 1.4 (1.14?) when I last
looked at it. It was
very nice the way the database linked in to records I seem to remember.
I like the way that
Oberon doesn't link in too closely to Windows the way BlackBox does.

Thanks to Byron Servies (<bservies at pacang.com>) for the note about the
book. I think I've got that one, but currently my favourite is the 
Hans-Peter Moessenboeck one, Object Oriented Programming in Oberon.

The email is slightly out of date since after a debugging session I
to get the ODBC interface working under WinAOSOberon. The SQL monitor
lets me display all the
data about my ODBC databases so I'm going to wrap up some of the more 
complicated procedures in a module of their own and see how I get on.
When I've tested it a 
bit more thoroughly I'll post it for inclusion in the distribution if
anyone is interested.

Many thanks for the suggestions.

John Stout

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