[Oberon] Literate Programming Light

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Mon Dec 22 14:53:06 CET 2003

a while ago we had the topic of literate programming which has the aspect of
mixing code and documentation.
Now I have the task of working with a lot of C code. I'm thinking about adding
Oberon outlines, panels and perhaps other objects as comments.
OTOH I still need the pure C code.
So I imagine a EditTools.StoreOx (OberonUnix) which stores a file Work.ox which has
Gadgets in it to a pure ascii file Work.c with e.g. '/*o*/' for every
Oberon object it contains and a Work.Lib.
'EditTools.LoadOx Work.ox' would merge these files again in a Text it opens.
So my question is whether you think this would be simple ?
Is it easy to store objects to a library or would it be even better to write
them to a Texts file ?

Cheers, Edgar

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