[Oberon] Re: CAPO on WEbDAV?

Alan Freed AlFreed at ohio.net
Mon Dec 22 15:26:43 CET 2003

Hi Felix,

Sorry, I haven't had any time to write software for the past several 
months - too many other obligations and deadlines.  I was wondering if 
it would make sense to move CAPO onto the ETH WEbDAV server and open 
it up?  What do you think?  Have you had any time to work on the matrix 
modules of late?  

I do not have a BlueBottle implementation that is on the net yet.  I 
will have to try to see if PPP works on my laptop - the linux modem 
drivers don't recognize the modem in my machine (Dell Precision M50).

Wishing you a very merry Chistmas and Happy New Year,


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