[Oberon] Re: licensing

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Dec 30 21:27:25 CET 2003

> I need to revisit the question of licensing for bluebottle apps, like 
> CAPO will be (I hope:-).  I think we talked about this when I was over 
> there but I don't recall what the decision was.  Will the ETH license 
> apply to contributed apps, too?  This is okay by me.  The bottom line 
> is that some form of licensing needs to be in place so that Felix and 
> I, and our employers, are not liable.  

For now I added a new section in AosInst.Tool
"(extract contributions [Information: Files provided as contributions 
can be subject to different licenses. Make sure before use])
ZipTool.ExtractAll \p AOS: \o AosContributions.zip 
AosContributionsSrc.zip ~"

So I suggest, the different contributed apps come with a short note on 
what it is, how it is used and what the license is. A reference to the 
ETH (BSD style license) should be enough. To get your (company's / 
institute's) name invloved, you can simply change any BSD-license by 
replacing the name of the product, copyright date and copyright owner. 
If you start from the Bluebottle license search for ETH and make changes 
in three lines.

> If you are planning to distribute bluebottle by the 15th, when do you 
> need my contribution by so that it can be included?
The release will not be 15th but about 2 weeks later. I just want to 
have all parts ready to do some internal builds and testing until end of 
January. The release will be when the system works reasonably stable on 
all our test machines.


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