AW: [Oberon] Booting Bluebottle on Celeron D 326

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Tue Jan 3 15:20:11 CET 2006

>I also tried the setting "MaxProcs=1" with no success.
Try to set MaxProcs to a negative number - this will simulate a single processor machine and therefore skip some code in AosProcessors.Mod.
>Do others report successful operation of the Celeron D 326 processor ?
Not on Celeron D, but my Pentium D works fine. Should actually be almost the same processor.
Does the current release (not the crazy fresh) boot on that machine?
Sven Stauber


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Betreff: [Oberon] Booting Bluebottle on Celeron D 326

I tried to boot Bluebottle 19.12.05 from CD on a recent Pentium System (Shuttle
Celeron D 326 (2.53MHz), 256MB RAM, Chipset SiS 661FX / 963L

There is a problem early after "Bluebottle loading":
I am able to change settings in the BBL0: mode if I need.
I used TraceMode=1 over a serial cable, to locate the problem.
Now I see, over the serial connection:
"Aos 19.12.05",
then booting fails, the machines goes on to reboot again from zero. Same with
On other machines, I see "Processor ..." etc. now.
>From the Output on the serial line, it appears that the problem is in
AosBoot.Mod, maybe in recognizing the processor ?
I also tried the setting "MaxProcs=1" with no success.
I have also tried to eliminate Boot actions from "Boot5" back to "Boot1" back to
"Boot", and have tried to boot without accessing the video driver by setting
"Init=" and TraceMode=4 with no avail- the problem appears to occur earlier on
in the boot process.
It does not appear to be a problem of the display driver as far as I see. A try
to circumvent the problem by booting from USB did not succeed either.

Where might the problem be ?
Do others report successful operation of the Celeron D 326 processor ?

(BTW: -adding the file AosSetup.Text to the WM Menu might be helpful for others)
(BTW2: there is an inconsistency in the syntax of TraceMem= between
AosSetup.Text: TraceMem=0B8000H,80,25 and
Boot CD: TraceMem=0B8000H,2,80,25 : bug or feature ?)

Thanks for help

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