[Oberon] Username which contains the "@" char ...

jan verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Thu Jan 5 23:38:55 CET 2006

Op Thursday 05 January 2006 23:26 I wrote:

 > -------------------------------------------
 > I think you are overcomplicating things with the backward
 > fill/conversion cycle. It doesn't really matter if you do a normal
 > fill/conversion. Your method is slightly easier to code due to the
 > filling with HexDigits.
 > -------------------------------------------

What will happen to the string, if the tail catches up with the head? If 
the string is 12 tokens long, the tail starts at index 11. Suppose the 
payload of the string is 9 tokens long and has two SpecialChar's in it. 
Then the tail will end up in front of the head.

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Jan Verhoeven

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