Re (2): [Oberon] Username which contains the "@" char ...

shark at shark at
Sat Jan 7 02:03:36 CET 2006


I agree with most of what you said.
The following is with absolute respect
and no offense.

> ... RFC 2396 ... 

Agreed.  2396 specifies escapes for URIs.
The parameter of NetSystem.SetUser is a list of URIs.
Therefore an escapable character might appear in 
escaped form in a URI submitted via SetUser.

> ... best thing is for
the PPP code to have an option to set its
username and password independent of the
NetSystem module.  

That would be redundant while NetSystem.SetUser 
already serves the more general purpose 
of specifying authentication for _any_ URI.

> Or, perhaps NetSystem could be changed to
"unescape" special charecters once the
username and password tokens are parsed.

Precisely what I will use RFC2396.Mod for.

> Personal note, I still think it's goofy
to have @ in a username. 

Or in a password.  AosInst.Tool contains 
this line.
NetSystem.SetUser ~

Activate the command and you will find yourself 
keying a password containing an @.  No problem.  
Put the command in your Oberon.Text.  Problem.

Pity that the IETF made a syntax with escapes. 
Well, really the URI was not invented in a single 
document but evolved through years of development. 

We work with what we have.  

Regards,      ... Peter


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