[Oberon] WinAos, faster display speed

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Mon Jan 9 19:56:49 CET 2006

A patch for the recent WinAos version is available that makes the
display speed (zooming etc.) much faster. See
http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch (or - redirected -  http://www.winaos.de).
If you ask me, WinAos is now on the way to a good demonstration and
working version of Bluebottle for all those moments when you need to
have Windows running in the background. Feedback is most welcome to make
it even more useful.

By the way: some people asked me about the differences of "Bluebottle
for Windows" and "WinAos". In fact, there are hardly any. BBW is running
on the WinAos kernel and provides a "downsized" version of WinAos in the
sense that all Oberon dependency has been removed from it (The Oberon
system is running on Bluebottle [and WinAos] as one Bluebottle Active
Object). But the maintainers of BBW, Dan and Alex, have also given
highly valuable support for the development and debugging of the WinAos
kernel and windows specific modules. The current WinAos version
incorporates all recent changes of BBW and WinAos.

Often people ask about the "installation" of WinAos. There is no real
installation procedure: Extracting the zip file is everything you have
to do. This "installation" does not affect the system settings (such as
the Windows registry) at all. "Uninstalling" WinAos is done by simply
removing the folder and all its content.

Three different starting modes of the current release:
1.) Bluebottle interface with Oberon as a box: leave the version as it is.
2.) Bluebottle interface with Oberon as Windows Window: remove or rename
the folder ObjI.
3.) Start Oberon (and optionally start the Bluebottle Interface from
there): Remove or rename folder ObjI, Open Aos.Text, remove the line
cmd="SEQ Win32AosDisplay.Install F;WindowManager.Install;Autostart.Run"
and remove exclamation mark from the line
!cmd="SEQ Oberon.DoStart"
ad 1.) and 2.): Replacing "F" in the line
cmd="SEQ Win32AosDisplay.Install F;WindowManager.Install;Autostart.Run"
by a dimension specification such as 1024 768 results in Bluebottle in a
window with given size. Only removing "F" results in a maximized window

All the best,

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