[Oberon] Booting Crazy-Fresh: Black screen on ATHLON64 X2

Stefan Salewski Salewski at physnet.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Jan 11 02:06:04 CET 2006


since two months I  have a new computer with Athlon64 X2 dual core
processor, Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard, 2GByte RAM,
nvidia 7800GTX graphic card, one PATA and two SATA harddisks.

Installation of Linux and Windows in multiboot-configuration took some time,
so I have waited till now to try booting Bluebottle iso-image.
(Installation of XP SP2 on the first SATA harddisk was only possible
after disconnecting the PATA device,  and nvidia graphic card driver
shipped with Debian GNU/Linux was very instable. Currently I am using
Gentoo Linux with the latest closed source nvidia drivers. It works fine, but
when switching from text- to graphic-mode at boot in one of twenty cases
I get a black screen and have to press reset botton.)

But back to Bluebottle:
I tried to boot the latest Crazy-Fresh iso image, and another older BB image.
In each case CD-ROM beginns to load, but comes to rest after a few seconds.
And there is no output on TFT-screen. All black.

I just downloaded last Native-Oberon (05.01.2003), wrote the image to floppy
and booted it. It is booting fine, displaying the good old Oberon start screen!

On 13-NOV-2005 Thomas Frey wrote:
> I have an alike AMD64 X2 System. (Gigabyte K8 Triton board).
> Bluebottle runs when I limit the maximal number of processors to 1
> (MaxProcs=1 in the boot config) and boot via CD. There is a BIOS
> problem when trying to boot from the harddisk. As soon as the
> Bluebottle kernel is loaded the harddisk becomes accessible.
> It would be interesting to know if you can boot with both processors enabled.

How can I limit number of processors? Have I to build a custom iso-file
on my old computer?

Best regards

Stefan Salewski

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