[Oberon] Re. Username which contains the "@" char ...

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jan 15 03:29:36 CET 2006

Peter E. wrote:
> Monday 08 August 2005 you mentioned,
> " ... Username which contains the "@" char 
> I've torn my guts out patching n-o ..."
> pe.RFC2396.Mod is now available.

OK, I've fetched, superficially read, compiled &
run your test.

The twist is related to the post:-
]Newsgroups: comp.lang.oberon
]Local: Thurs, Dec 15 2005 2:40  am
]Subject: Re: why the result type of a procedure can 
]be neither a record nor an array.

Else we could just replace:
  BadString   (* "User at Name$" *)
  ESC(BadString) (* returns a string type *).
And then [if further stages need]
UnESC( .....
Ie. UnESC( ESC(BadString)) = BadString 
  would always be true.

So you had to handle the fact that the strings expand and
contract in length ?

For me to use your 'converter' I'd have to re-find the 2 places
in the whole dial/ppp 'thread', which I did once and am not
keen to dig out again, right now.

Since I had only the one problem char - "@"- , I just initially 
replaced it with a "$", and after the string has passed the 
critical parsing [for "@" as a field delimiter], I just converted 
any/the "$" back to "@". 

I was hoping that DOSbased v2.3.6 note-book would Dial-ppp;
but I didn't succeed after I tried a similar patch which worked 
for N-O ver 2001.  Apparently there's some other problem ?

The other problem which I repeatedly raised is mentioned via
google; even for Macs, dating back a decade: that often, an 
unexpected abort/mis-connection 'leaves the ser-port in a 
bad state', which is normally only cleared/reset by rebooting.

Lately this happens to me daily, except that 'Util.CloseCOM2'
clears it.   As previously mentioned, I discovered this from the
same problem with the V24.Panel .

Since ser-port is becoming obsolete I'm not enthusiastic
to investigate further.  Sometimes a work-around is more


== Chris Glur.

PS. did you get N-O to drive USB-flash-memory yet ?

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