AW: [Oberon] USB Boot

Roger Keller kellerog at
Tue Jan 17 21:41:56 CET 2006

> The value in the release is 2 * 512 * 1024;
> When I free & re-compile  (with PC.Compile :-) I get the same 
> trap.  When I change the value to 4*512*1024, I get a trap at 
> the same pc, but a different value of adr.

that can easily happen: adr is an adress into the current heap (not the
"artificial heap" where the kernel image is built), so it's very likely that
adr does change each time you try to link ...

> The ASSERT is failing on the third term in the expression.  I 
> assume that it is easy for you to reproduce this, and there 
> is no need to clutter the mailing list with dumps.

there's another bug that might not yet have been fixed in the dec 19
in BbLinker.Mod look for the procedure LoadExceptionTable (nested in
LoadRuntimeSection) and make sure the line
IF m.exTableLen > 0 THEN NEW(m.exTable, m.exTableLen) END;
is _not_ executed (this will lead to m.exTable have an address outside the
heap for the kernel image, which does explain the assert failing in

-- roger

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