[Oberon] BB Kernel Size

Douglas G. Danforth danforth at greenwoodfarm.com
Fri Jan 20 21:11:06 CET 2006

I'd like to add my two cents here.

Semi transparency is nice BUT what have you gained?
Color television is nice BUT what have you really gained over that of 
black and white?
Images on the web are nice BUT what have you really gained?
The magazine Science (by AAAS) used to be black and white but now is 
filled with lovely colored images
BUT again what have you gained by having this "eye candy".

A good friend of mine refused for many years to write in anything but 
ascii text (he also was an early
developer of one of the first display oriented text editor (he refused 
to use the language "word processor"
since that reminded him of "food processor" which produces hash)).

People now make split second decisions based on the "look" of a web 
page.  I think this is showing the
"shallowness" of our evolving world culture.

If you go back to the early Mcguffy readers (1833) you will find the 
language expected of third graders
is far more complex than any of our current elementary text books.

Life is more than "entertainment".  Sometimes it takes a little 
digestion and internal thought.
Entertainment takes vast amounts of space (music, video).  Concepts and 
ideas can be
expressed succinctly in very little space.

(end of rant which you are free to disregard)

-Doug Danforth

jan verhoeven wrote:
> Op Friday 20 January 2006 17:42 schreef Paul Reed:
>  > I know that extra functionality is required to support
>  > the many different hardware configurations out there,
>  > but I can't help feeling that the baby has been thrown
>  > out with the bathwater again - I think that BB's drift
>  > towards self-inflicted complexity* is, to say the least,
>  > disappointing...
> Consider it another proof for Reiser's Law:
>   Software gets slower more quickly than hardware gets faster
> With the advent of Bluebottle, Oberon became a tool. 

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