[Oberon] Data Transport: ppp-inet, USB-flash & CF

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Sun Jan 22 11:51:09 CET 2006

2006 Jan 22
> cg> ... in the whole dial/ppp 'thread' ...
Peter E. wrote:
> I believe ESC and UnESC should be used in the 
> Passwords section of NetSystem.  PPP would be 
> more specific than necessary.
Yes I'll fix it in future and report back.

> cg> ... an unexpected abort/mis-connection 'leaves 
> the ser-port in a bad state', ...
> That problem is not connected to the escaping of 
> the authentication parameters is it?

No more than if there's no coal to run the power-station,
that you can't "escape-chars 'cos your computer is dead".
The whole: V24, dialer, ppp, NetSystem ...are intertwined.
Remember you even sent me hard copy re. tasking & 
interrrupts re. 'need to re-boot to reset unintended state'.
> ================
> cg> did you get N-O to drive USB-flash-memory yet ?
> No.
> N-O has UsbUhci which can operate Intel and VIA 
> controllers.  Other controllers, including the 
> Agere and NEC here, require Ohci which is in AOS 
> but not in NO.  Considering the time I have spent 
> on tiny programming issues, the size of AosUsbOhci.Mod
> and the time I have available, moving Ohci to N-O 
> is unrealistic.
> Ref.: Google "site:wikipedia.org usb" 
> CF works well in my home and work desktop machines.
> Soon it can be tested in the old laptop.  The CF 
> card is smaller than a USB stick and makes data 
> portable.
OK, that was looking very optimistic until I realised
that CF can't 'hot-plug' like fd0 and USB can.
OTOH it is especially good since you don't have to 
worry about the 'ports' becoming obsolete tomorrow,
like centronics and RS232. 

Since I've always got my boxes open with the IDE ribbons
accessible [except for notebook] CF would have been ideal,
except n-o is inconvenient to power-down - having to pack
away a week['s] work.


 == Chris Glur

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