[Oberon] WinAos 2.05

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 23 10:35:20 CET 2006

Hi all,

a new version of WinAos is available. Download at http://www.winaos.de 
(-> http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/WinAos)

- debugged AosActive.Terminate (and strange Oberon shutdown behaviour)
- mouse wheel support for Aos Oberon
- removed multiple file listing (Win32.AosWinFS.Mod)
- adapted OPT to current version of PCOM, compiling and Browser.ShowDef 
now works again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a new object file format already in use in 
native Bluebottle. WinAos will also make use of that some later time. 
This will probably impy that the old OP2 compiler will not work any 
more. So please already use PC.Compile to compile your sources to be 
prepared for the new format. In case you make frequent use of the OP2  
"WITH .. | ... | ELSE ... " statements, you may convert your files with 
the Oberon command "OFormatter.RemoveOldStyleWith * ".


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