[Oberon] BB Kernel Size

J ö rg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Tue Jan 24 08:25:41 CET 2006


> Or, as a British football commentator once said, "For
> those of you watching in black and white, Arsenal are
> in the all-yellow strip".

Not that I'm really supporting the black/white argument
of this thread (actually I think color is a very smart
way to underline or support info that might be lost without
it) but just for your information:

Whenever there is a football event organized by FIFA (e.g.
the FIFA world cup in Germany 2006) all teams have to send
their tricots to FIFA, and it is decided if the parties
can be clearly distinguished on a black and white TV.
If not the teams have to choose other trousers or shirts.

So, FIFA football games are not allowed to rely on color


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