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cg> [as I understand] SCSI is hot-plugable,
  do standard PC mother-boards have a SCSI connection ?
I recommend you stick with CF; don't waste time
trying for USB in NO.  ATA is available on the 
PC system board or expansion board and the CF-IDE 
adapters are inexpensive.

Q-  since the advantage of Compact Flash to IDE interface lacks 
   the ability to hot-plug, ...?
There are two senses of meaning for "hot-plug".

1. The capacity of the hardware to tolerate 
connection and disconnection with the power on.

The expert at ACS, who sold me the CF-IDE adapter,
asked "Do you plug or unplug a disk drive with 
power on? <No> Then why would you do that to a CF?"
Conversely, digital camera users are reported to 
hot-plug the CF routinely and Josef notes that the
power pins are designed for it.

2. (1.) plus auto-mounting and auto-unmounting.
This appears to be the meaning in Linux.

I do not know of an authority to say which of 
these senses is absolutely correct but am inclined
to use 1.

Oberon lacks auto-mounting for all media.  If 
you are willing to possibly shorten the life 
of the CF a little, it can be operated just as 
a floppy.  CF cards are not expensive.

Regards,    ... Peter

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