AW: [Oberon] Successful USB boot

Stauber Sven Philipp staubesv at
Tue Jan 31 17:50:47 CET 2006


>Oh, the issues are bigger than I thought.  I'm only seeing the "Oberon Loading" message.  I had thought this was just a >matter of something hanging when the configuration strings were being executed.  However, I was able to spend some time >on it yesterday.  I don't get the configuration edit screen, so it doesn't get very far.  A trace shows that I'm not connected >with the file system when I try a couple of more restricted kernels (such as no Ohci, but using Uhci).  I will look at it some >more next weekend.
The boot process will hang after displaying the "Oberon Loading" message if you're boot file is too big (>640K) or you haven't set the config strings. 
I've spent some time last week in making the USB related files smaller. With my version (not yet in release), I'm now able to boot from USB with the new Bbx object file format.
I suggest that you just wait for the next release. I'll then post a description of how to get the best "Boot from USB"-experience.

Sven Stauber

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