[Oberon] VNC- and FTP-Server for Bluebottle

Stefan Salewski Salewski at physnet.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Feb 8 15:06:47 CET 2006


I tried to start the VNC-Server of latest Bluebottle on my old Computer
with working 3com90x network card and connect to
it from my linux box running TightVNC.
(I used Aos.Call WMVNCView.Install "Aos1" oberon 5901 0 0 1024 768~
from Oberon window, middle mouse click over Aos.Call)

The connection breaks after transfer of a few Bytes (There was a very
small segment of the Bluebottle Display visible on my Linux box.)

I replaced TightVNC with (Real)-VNC on my Gentoo box -- transfer 
again stopped after transmission of a few bytes -- but this time I
got a corrupted display too.

I tried to start FTP-Server on Bluebottle. I can connect from my
Gentoo-Box, but command ls terminates again after transfer of
about 100 Bytes! 

Has anybody sucessful used VNC-Server or FTP-Server with
latest crazy Bluebottle? 

A working VNC-server really would be great .

Best regards

Stefan Salewski

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