[Oberon] Partitioning under BB

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Thu Feb 9 20:42:13 CET 2006

Stauber Sven Philipp wrote:

> Hi,
> There are two methods for partitioning devices under BB: -
> Use the disk operation framework (GUI: Partition Tool, TUI:
> AosPartitions.Mod) - Use Partitions.Mod under Oberon (see
> Partitions.Tool for a command list)
> If you don't succeed using the disk operation framework, try
> Partitions.Tool under Oberon.
> Note: If a device is open (open count > 0), the partition
> table is cached in memory and will not be reloaded from disk
> even when changed (since the partition numbering could
> potentially change which would cause serious errors when an
> application that has a reference to the partition table would
> use the old partition number as index into the new table). So
> if you want to create a partition on a disk, no other
> partitions may be mounted.

ACK.  Aware.  Miss *BSD's 'W' option ...

I think the problem may be 'external'.

Also tried setting Partitions.UnSafe, which merely blanked the 
screen and hung the system..

>> It flickers, refreshes the display to be exactly as above,
>> logs 'Finished' with no size info and Flags = 1
> The situation you describe seems to match this scenario.
> Solution: The change was written to disk if the tool didn't
> report an error, but you have to reboot to see it.

BTDT, no joy.

> BTW: To
> get a more detailed operation report, select the plugin
> "Operation", select the operation you want to see details of
> in the list of operations and press the button "Report".


Error 1: Can't create partition: MBR signature wrong

I'll have to use another OS to check, but that 2.5" HDD might 
have been previously used by OS/2, OS X or FreeBSD.

The [P] flag and inability to alter it are in any way are 

>> 'les invalides' in the French sense (cripples?) seems
>> accurate for *several somethings* here.... ;-)
> If I find some time, I'll implement a little window for the
> Partition Tool which tells you to reboot to make changes
> visible, since the current solution (do change the partition
> table but be not aware of it) is obviously
> confusing/unacceptable.

The equivalent of the FreeBSD 'W' (write all pending changes)
- which 'warns' first, does it, then re-inits the device and 
gets new info, would be helpful.

> BTW: The change log shows that I've fixed
> DeletePartition/CreatePartition in the release 24.01.2006. If
> you are using an older release, use Partitions.Mod under
> Oberon.

Latest 'Crazy' iso, download ~ 2 days ago....

> Cheers, Sven Stauber

BTW - if the new mustard-theme skin is to be the default, I hope 
someone can get *at least* the 'Look' & Skin-switcher back onto 
its rather sparse menu.

I've gotten reasonably fast at editing the log report line to 
~'xmas.skin', exec'ing it, and jumping off from there, but it is 



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