[Oberon] Re: 2: Have we got email send authenticate ability ?

easlab easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Feb 14 09:02:41 CET 2006

>> the pop-authentication which was done just before the send request.
Bill Hacker wrote:
> I wouldn't count on smtp-after-pop-auth beign around much longer 
> - we dropped it half a year-ago, (and POP with it in favor of 
> IMAP for all-hands so thier webmail and desktop don't confuse..).

Since the highest technical specification is that "it must work 
with today's flavour of WINxx" I/we need to know what type
of send-authentication Outlook uses ?

I had another look at TextMail.Mod [which now I remember I
previously modified to handle my (given to me) ID of > 16 chars]
The code is well structured for modifying/extending.
And if I could find out which type of send-authentication
Outlook uses, the appropriate RFC could make it doable.

Q- does anybody in the 1st world still use dialup ?

Thanks for any info.

== Chris Glur.

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