[Oberon] re: USB, bloat, LNO, SCSI/IDE & etc.

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Wed Mar 1 20:53:46 CET 2006

This is a little disconnected but the topics 
are too interesting to pass up.

At Tue Jan 24 16:43:36 2006 Jack Johnson said,
I would love to see that [development] go both directions.  I know NO has an NE2000
driver that I don't think has been ported to BB yet, and is it still
the case that NO has no DHCP client?  It would be great if we could
keep as much code reuse as possible, especially in cases like this
where it could improve usage or adoption of either platform.


There have been so many small improvements to 
NO since the 05.01.2003 alpha release.  CF 
recognition for example.  Ulla, is there any 
chance that you will ever make a fresh NO?

jj> Even most of our oldest USB-enabled machines will boot from USB ...

What about machines lacking on-board USB?  
Any chance of an early Pentium booting through 
an OHCI-PCI card?

jj> Someone should tackle a native port to the old 680x0 Macs ...

Nice.  Has any Oberon or Aos display driver 
ever been written outside the ETH?

Regards,          ... Peter 

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