[Oberon] Trivialising formality considered harmful

August Karlstrom fusionfive at comhem.se
Thu Mar 16 02:53:43 CET 2006

jan verhoeven wrote:
> Op Wednesday 15 March 2006 22:24 schreef August Karlstrom:
>  > It's perfectly OK to implement the extensions described in the Oakwood
>  > guidelines or some other extensions, but I think a special compiler
>  > flag/option should need to be used to compile a module that uses these
>  > extensions, e.g. "--with-oak-extensions" or "--with-abc-extensions".
> That's what made gcc into the current monstruous program it is. It's a good 
> C compiler, but it's just too big with too many flags. 

But gcc is the other way around; it requires something like three flags 
to go into standard C mode (-ansi -pedantic -std=c89). My idea is that 
an Oberon-2 compiler should by default be... an Oberon-2 compiler! If 
you want it to be something else you have to let it know.


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