Re (2): [Oberon] Native Oberon on sourceforge

edgar at edgar at
Tue Mar 21 23:40:37 CET 2006

jan at schrieb:
> Op Tuesday 21 March 2006 10:21 schreef Treutwein Bernhard:
>  > The project is here:
>  >
I just had a look an it seems like sourveforge is still uses CVS.
For the time being you can put small stuff on the wiki.
And if you perhaps can't access the domain: There are some filters out there
which say it's porn. Probably because months ago somebody uploaded porn links
to my wiki. I deleted them and removed the unregistered write access then.
But it seems that it's "once porn, forever porn". I sent a mail now and try
to get a reevaluation of my domain. Or at least to learn what they found
for this categorization.
I also wonder how much Google e.g. filters already without telling us.
I read some unsettling stuff about Google toolbar publishing local contents without

>  > The project's home page:
>  >
> I'm willing to donate a 50 MB hosted website plus domainname if that is 
> better for us.
I have a virtual server now at It's running apache2.
Atm I'm trying to install Subversion (Still missing some libraries for the
apache plugin working). When Subversion is working I can check my WebDAV/DeltaV
client with it. Subversion also uses parts of the protocol.
At least the basic stuff for versioning single files. Concerning advanced
versioning they choose to implement a different subset than me.
Using Subversion as repository would guarantee better data security compared
to a server written by a single person (Me :-)

Cheers, Edgar

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