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> Chris, I'm fairly certain that Zonnon isn't a
> superset syntactically of Oberon-1 let alone
> Oberon-2.  For instance the Zonnon language
> report doesn't include the POINTER keyword.
> In one way that's not important because you
> can do everything you need without explicitly
> having a pointer keyword.  So semantically
> it's a superset.  But you can't take any
> generic Oberon-1 program and expect it to
> compile under Zonnon unchanged.  The original
> name of the project was Lighting Oberon.
> I believe the name was changed after it
> was no longer a proper syntactic superset
> of Oberon-1.

Oops, yes you are quite right! Sorry if I misled anybody. 

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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