[Oberon] Just Starting With Oberon2

Alan Freed AlFreed at ohio.net
Mon Mar 27 20:02:19 CEST 2006

Zonnon is as different from Oberon, as Oberon is from Modula-2.
The Zonnon compiler is still under development, although it is 
functional for the vast majority of cases. True, it is currently 
for the .NET framework, but there is a project in place where 
it will be ported over to MONO, which will be welcomed by 
many, myself included.

Also, the Zonnon language is not 'cast in stone' yet.  There 
are a few issues that remain to be formalized, for example, 
an advanced language structure for handling arrays.  This 
will make Zonnon a very competitive language for those of 
us who write computationally intensive code.

There are four separate compilation units in Zonnon: the 
module, definition, implementation and object.  Also of note, 
objects can have bodies, like you are use to for modules.  
This makes initialization straightforward, and is necessary 
for active objects.  

One can get a feeling for Zonnon from the language report, 
which is still under development, too.  However, from one 
who has done a fair amount of programming in Zonnon, the 
language report is no users manual, and many facets are 
nebulous.  The best way to begin to appreciate Zonnon 
for its uniqueness is to play with it, and to study code that 
has been written in it. 

Give it a look at:  http://www.zonnon.ethz.ch


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> > > 1. Is Oberon still being actively developed?
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> > Oh.  That's a LOADED question.  Ok, ETH is
> > actively (pardon the pun) developing "Active"
> > Oberon AKA "BlueBottle".  It's compiler is a
> > superset of Oberon-0.  (Read it's not Oberon-2
> > compatible, though there are...or there at
> > least HAVE been ways around that.)
> ETH is also actively developing 'Zonnon', which, as far as I can tell, is a
> superset of Oberon-2. It includes active objects, and also resurrects a
> basic form of the Pascal Read and Write statements and the 'definition' and
> 'implementation' pairs and enumerated types from Modula-2.
> http://www.zonnon.ethz.ch/
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