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Alan Freed AlFreed at ohio.net
Tue Mar 28 01:38:56 CEST 2006

Dan Parnete wrote:

> >Novell's MONO platform
> >is an open-source implementation of the same international
> >standard that the .NET framework is based upon.  MONO is
> >currently targeted for UNIX, Linux, Mac and Windows platforms,
> >which means that programs written for MONO, which should
> >also run in .NET,
> This is partially true. The most core modules are already compatible,
> but they fall on GUI. Mono developers have spent a lot on GTK#
> interface, witch will never be adopted on .Net, and less on
> Windows.Forms. The most today Mono applications are not running on .Net,
> and Zonnon is not running on Mono. Of course, you can use Mono on
> Windows, including GTK#, but today it is 5 times slower then .Net, and
> twice on it's native Linux. And I don't consider .Net a speedy.

Mono and .Net are both supersets to the international standard 
that they are based upon.  If you limit your import use to those 
modules and methods that meet the standard, then there is some 
hope that portability between them can be achieved, but your 
point is well taken.

> I like Zonnon ideas too. Unfortunately ETH didn't push it too much. When
> Patrik Reali and Peter Muller have gone, they left an almost complete
> and stable Aos. Probably more stable then today. Thomas Frey was very
> productive and closed the cycle. Eugene Zueff will leave soon, but
> Zennon is not ready for the jungle.

Roman Mitin has been assigned the task of picking up where Eugene 
leaves off next month.  It is true that ETH is not expending a large 
amount of resources on the development of Zonnon.  Compiler 
development at ETH have always been one-person research projects. 

Once the compiler is in place, I expect ETH will expend more 
resouces along these lines.  

The person who has written the most code in Zonnon has to be 
Vladimir Romanov at Moscow State University.  He wrote the 
Zonnon Builder, which is really very nice, and the chess program 
that is available for download from the Zonnon web page.  


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