[Oberon] Zonnon

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it
Tue Mar 28 11:53:06 CEST 2006

>The person who has written the most code in Zonnon has to be 
>Vladimir Romanov at Moscow State University.  He wrote the 
>Zonnon Builder, which is really very nice, and the chess program 
>that is available for download from the Zonnon web page.  
I like Zonnon Builder, but it is visible the lack of a critical mass of 
A personal wish: I should like to see the Program structure (as in 
Bluebottle's PET) in alternative to the project files. I found it very 
useful not only for browsing your own modules, but specially for 
exploring an unknown one. This is fundamental in this area, where you 
have to learn more from sources then from documentation.


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