[Oberon] How does N-O handle this ?

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Wed Mar 29 11:01:10 CEST 2006

Because I can't afford to 'browse' on line, I need to fetch and
save web-pages, for later off-line analysis.
Besides I think 'reading on-line' is loutish road-hog-like.

With the curse of creeping featurism, N-O's 'browser' can't
get the information, and we need a 'full-featured' browser.

Using linux > mozilla gives me problems [due to unfamiliarity]
and raises some questions:

After I've saved and gone off line, I can't view the saved pages.  
- 'Back' is disabled,
- History >  pick <the page description> wants to be online.
Only after doing "find the list of files created 'recently' ",
[another example of the need of date ordered directory,
where my N-O script implementation is below here]
do I see the a typically saved web-pages; which consist of
a <FileName>.html plus a sub-directory of associated 
typically graphic-files and java-scripts.

Q - how do you view save pages with normal browsers ?

Q - do normal OS & browsers have facilities to auto-delete
the <mailPage>.html PLUS it's companion-dir of eye-candy,
or does this garbage just accumulate ?

Now for how N-O does it:
  I've toggled imageFetch off, by: HTMLDocs.SetImages

Q - but if it was toggled on, would the image.files be loaded
  with the names which the server gives them ?
 Apparerently not, since 'File-name.gif' is not a valid N-O
FileName and renaming is needed to avoid FileName
collisions in the single SYS: partition file-space.

I vaguely remember about a [random via time stamp] renaming
file scheme, connected with libraries. Is this how it's done ?

Q - And what about deleting the image-files/libraries when the
<MainFile>.html is deleted ?

Thanks for any info,

== Chris Glur.

PS. here's my script for generating a 'recency file stack',
for eg. when you want to see the list of files which you've
been working on 'recently' [also possibly in a limited
file space via FileID and/or partition].

SortDateDir [ this 'Tool' has mnemonics + 4 commands ]==> 
! System.Directory  <dirTemplate>\ft
! mark the dir-listing

RX.SetSearch (d d ) X0"."( d d )X1 "." (d d d d ) X2 (~c{~c} ) X3
RX.SetReplace X2 "."X1 "."X0 X3
RX.ReplaceAll *

! mark the re-formatted dir-listing
Sort.Sort *\r
-------------- And a log of a test run:-
System.Directory  Legal:Con*\ft  ==
 06.02.2006 22:27:31  Legal:ConCrtAplc
 06.02.2006 22:27:31  Legal:ConCrtAplc.Bak
 06.02.2006 22:27:31  Legal:CondntAplLapse
 10.03.2006 12:59:46  Legal:ConstitnlCrt
 01.03.2006 04:08:26  Legal:ConstitnlCrt.Bak

16 files
>>  -----------
Now reorder the date field: mark & step 3 commands
[could be done by running the script's commands, but it's more practical
to have the script as a 'Tool' with mneumonic lines and manually
stepable commands].

RX.SetSearch (d d ) X0"."( d d )X1 "." (d d d d ) X2 (~c{~c} ) X3
RX.SetReplace X2 "."X1 "."X0 X3
RX.ReplaceAll *

 2006.02.06 22:27:31  Legal:ConCrtAplc
 2006.02.06 22:27:31  Legal:ConCrtAplc.Bak
 2006.02.06 22:27:31  Legal:CondntAplLapse
 2006.03.10 12:59:46  Legal:ConstitnlCrt
 2006.03.01 04:08:26  Legal:ConstitnlCrt.Bak

16 files

>>  -----------
Now mark & reorder the stack, and note the new files on top and
the one's not changes since last backup below [backup partitions
looses file-dates is an unintended consequence?]:
Sort.Sort *\r
16 files
 2006.03.10 13:01:00  Legal:CondoneLate
 2006.03.10 12:59:46  Legal:ConstitnlCrt
 2006.03.01 04:08:26  Legal:ConstitnlCrt.Bak
 2006.02.06 22:27:31  Legal:ConCrtAplc.Bak
 2006.02.06 22:27:31  Legal:ConCrtAplc

PSS. N-O's ease of packaging [in a suitabley name TextFile] mnemonics
and steppable commands make for an infinitely flexible 'menuing system'
which I've never seen acknowledged and I'm wondering if all users are 
aware of this ?  Eg. when I mount my my linux partition, I just pick one
from the dozen menued partitions and execute:
     Configuration.DoText MountLinux 
where 'MountLinux' looks like: -------
!OFSTools.Mount   Linux   AosFS  IDE0#42 ~ 17 Oct 2005
!OFSTools.Mount   Linux   AosFS  IDE0#17 ~
OFSTools.Mount   Linux   AosFS  IDE0#18 ~ 12 Feb 2006
! OFSTools.Mount   Linux   AosFS  IDE0#22 ~

! System.Directory  Linux:*

! OFSTools.Unmount  Linux

! SmartDir.Directory Linux:*\r 3

! Linux:SearchTemplate
and of the 8 non-blank lines, only one is activated by the script;
4 others are manually available.

I have to wonder what productive tricks other N-O users have
evolved, which I would benefit from knowing of ?

A previous writer inappropriately trivialised 'scripts'.
A great power of N-O & Gadgets is the very ability to get quick
results by naive programming, because 'it's open and all just below
the surface' ?

PSSS. Re. fast-naive prototyping, has anyone experience with 
Nokia series-60 Pyhton facilities ?

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