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Thu Mar 30 18:06:00 CEST 2006

Having added gmail [just as a spare/safety since it's inefficient to
http around the world instead of collecting mail from a local server],
and because N-O's mailer has no 'sent' list, I believe I haven't
yet posted this to oberon at lists.inf.ethz.ch ?

ELSE 'sorry for repeat' !

Rene wrote:
> Bluebottle DOES have a browser.

Is it much more 'full featured' than N-O's ver 2001,
what about java-script and other eye candy, needed today ?

Is it difficult to port Bluebottle aps. to N-O ?

Or is Bluebottle as stable yet as N-O ?

>  > Which system do YOU think has the best chance of becoming a standard.

jan verhoeven wrote:
> Anything starting with the letter 'C'.

That's for sure !

> NO is nice for playing or for study. Period. It cannot be compared to 
> Linux or Windows.
 Well that's a very vague/unscientific statement, 'anything CAN be 
 compared with anything'; although I think I know what you 
[wrongly]  mean.

I've got access to W98 & 4 flavours of linux and I never use them
for my 'heavy text read/write/analyse'; where compared to N-O
it's like tying your shoe laces wearing boxing-gloves.

Here's an example:
 * your've got a 'lynx type' webpage of multiple screen length.
 * while you read the hotlink descriptions on top, you want to 
     extract some corresponding URL's [several screens below]
     to another file.
* and during this you want to see if that strange word [perhaps
   latin] didn't appear also in the telecommunication files which 
   you downloaded/extracted/archived over the weekend.
Try doing that with Win or even linux - quiet a job.

As mentioned N-O is increasingly lacking new inet facilities,
and if you need to extract text from a *.pdf and fax it, then 
you MUST use Winxx or linux.

> > I needed to know how to save a file that I had
> > created. I just never
> > figured that out. 
John Drake wrote:
> You click in the space directly to the left of
> the [Close] button.  They you type a name, such
> as "MyModule.Mod".  Then you click the [Store]
> button.  That's it.

This confirms what I've long suspected: you & I are reading
from totally different scripts !
 ... snip ...

> Step 3.  Set the caret in the panel by left
> clicking on it.  You'll see a little "x".

OK I think I could 'get there' if I took the 'Desktops.OpenDoc'
route.  IMO it's pointless using N-O if you want maximum
eye-candy.    If you want electric windows and airconditioning
you use a limousine and not a minimalist racer ?

IMO N-O *IS* the interface and the fact that you just need to
'look at the file's ID and "think" "open it" and it opens without
needing to touch the keyboard'.

> The latest version has a webbrowser.  The 
> documentation needs to be updated.  
>From which OS ?
> Also
> the older versions can run Oberon System 3
> inside a window.  System 3 has (a very limited)
> web browser also.  But you won't be able
> to do things that require Flash or JavaScript
> with either of them.  "Feature creep" on
> the WWW is an problem that few alternative
> operating systems can completely get around.
> That's why I use a "hosted" version of
> Oberon (either System 3 Plugin, or V4 for 
> Windows or Aos/BlueBottle for Windows).

So what extra [wrt N-O] facilities has the webbrowser 
of Aos/BlueBottle got ?

> I can still use Firefox when I need to.
> Really, I rarely try to browse the web
> from Oberon, but I use the built in webbrowser 
> to download/parse/reformat web pages.  
> That's similair to what people do with 
> REBOL.  (http://www.rebol.com)
Are you able to download with a full-featured browser under 
Win-OS and use N-O/Aos/BlueBottle to manipulate the text 
from the download by just switching between Win & 'Wirthian' 
OS ?

Chris Burrows wrote:
> So far we have no idea of what it is you are trying to do once you have
> found an operating system and development system that you like. If you
> can describe what your eventual aims are we should be able to give 
> better advice. Some typical questions might be:
> Are you developing programs for fun / educational purposes or for
>  making money (or, like me, both)?
> ... etc.

That's the correct answer.
Yes, Rory has made conflicting requests.
I've only advised HOW to quickly test the magic of N-O, to be
able to abandon with minimum investment if you're not impressed.

== Chris Glur.

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