[Oberon] Changing The System Font Size

August Karlstrom fusionfive at comhem.se
Thu Mar 30 23:34:31 CEST 2006

John Drake wrote:
> In ETH Oberon you have to edit the file:
> Oberon.Text
> Then go to the line:
> "DefaultFont"=	Syntax10.Scn.Fnt
> And change it to something like 
> "DefaultFont"=	Syntax14.Scn.Fnt

Actually this "worked" in Plugin Oberon (under GNU/Linux) as well.

> One thing I noticed though.  Changing
> the default font doesn't automagically make
> text files already created (including tools)
> have different fonts.

Yes (that's why I said "worked" above). Being able to read text 
comfortably seems like a rather basic requirement. Moreover, some labels 
are cut off with a (slightly) larger font like Oberon14.Scn.Fnt. I 
thought ETH Oberon was more mature than this.

Thanks anyway,


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