AW: [Oberon] Bluebottle web server down / BB doesn't reboot

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Mon Apr 3 17:20:18 CEST 2006

There was a bug in both AosInitNet.Mod and AosMinInitNet.Mod that sometimes prevented a clean system shutdown/reboot. These bugs are fixed in releases >= 22.03.2006.
I've fixed another bug that caused the system to hang when trying to reboot in WMArchives.Mod (applies only if you loaded the module once, of course) which will be contained in the next release.
You can set the config string "TraceModules=1" to see details about loading/unloading modules in the system log. When the system hangs at reboot, have a look at the last module mentioned in the system log. The module termination handler of that module likely caused the failure.
Sven Stauber

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Thomas Frey ha scritto:

>For the bluebottle/Aos part there are two http mirrors, one in South
>Korea and one in Switzerland. They are updated daily, respectively 3
>times a week.
>Links can be found on :
Thank you Thomas, good to know it.
But I am more interested in the Bluebottle reliability as server, and if
you can share some known problems.

 From my experience with the 09.12.05 version:

1. FTP server is very sensible and must be handled with care. One
verified condition: if the FAT partition where the ftp is assigned, is
mounted read-only, on the first login connection the ftp server goes in
recursive trap, and the system is completely out of user control. It
could be only hardware rebooted. Not very funny for a database server.
This didn't happened on the 20.07.05 version. Now I open the ftp server
on that machine only for administrative tasks, and immediately close it

2. Rebooting is not always successful. This is ugly specially when done
remotely by VNC. I am not sure, but I suspect:
    - Some "innocent" application trap: the application and system are
perfectly working, but rebooting fails.
    - Some combination of Object Traker and Performance Monitor use.

Dan Parnete
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