[Oberon] Rollback to old object file format

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it
Tue Apr 4 11:50:54 CEST 2006

Ulrike Glavitsch ha scritto:

> Dear Bluebottle users,
> the changes in the compiler due to the new object file format (*.Bbx) 
> made Bluebottle a less stable system than it was before Dec. 13, 05.
> This is why we decided to undo these changes and publish a Bluebottle 
> release with still the old object file format (*.Obx).
> A new release of Bluebottle as of April 3, 2006 is available for 
> download. It uses the old object file format (*.Obx) but contains all 
> new changes, corrections, modifications described in the change log 
> since Dec. 13, 05 that are not related to this rollback.
> We know that the current release is still suboptimal what memory 
> consumption is concerned. However, with this release it is possible to 
> compile large modules without getting traps and to build new releases 
> in the order of a few minutes. It makes working with the system more 
> comfortable again.
> Best regards and good luck with the new release
> Ulla Glavitsch
God Bless You Ulla!

Unfortunately I am not able to download the ISO image. I'm trying since 
yesterday after your announce, but the connection is very pour. Usually 
I download from your html link, and it starts at 1200kB/sec and ends at 
about 600kB/sec. Now it starts at 1,7kB/sec and never ends. But no 
problem, I will wait for the bbos.org mirror update, that looks to be ok.

Dan Parnete

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