[Oberon] Re: Mixed OS http-fetching ?

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Fri Apr 28 14:40:46 CEST 2006

Subject: [Oberon] NO <--VNC--> Firefox/Linux
Peter E wrote:
> Routinely, I've used Firefox in Debian Linux 
> from NO through a VNC connection.  

So obviously you found this a usable method
of having the superior NO interface & a full power
browser at the same session, which I've been 
querying ?

> Over the 
> past few months there have been instances of 
> the Firefox terminating abruptly with report 
> of a "Segmentation fault" to the VNC terminal 
> window.  No other information reported.  The 
> termination usually happens as an index.html 
> is opened.  The frequency seems to be increasing
> and today http://www.canada.com/ will not open. 
> Odd problem.  Any ideas?

Jan Verhoeven wrote:
> This happens occasionally with most Linux browsers. When things get too
> tough or too chaotic, they terminate instantly, after having cleaned up
> most of the mess they created.
> My NetScape 4.77 does it quite often when going through modern 
> websites.
> Mozilla sometimes does so, especially when digging through webpages 
> which were intended to be browsed by IE only.
They only test  with IE. So if IE is not per-spec the whole
industry 'walks-following into the gutter'.

I did an analysis on Safari's evolution and read the various stages 
where IE forced then off-target. They ever had to use litigation/threat
to force IE to 'fix it'.

> That's modern life.

Yes, especially if your prepared to just follow the herd.
It's a curse: inteligent text communication which was 
easy just a few years ago, is replaced by eye-candy garbage,
which adds no value, just increasing clutter and band width usage.

Here's typical garbage motivated by these damned art-school kiddies:
"You currently do not have Flash 8 installed. Please follow the directions
above to install Flash 8 and access the power of goowy!"

Here's a typical pageHeader [javascript apparently] 'check-which-
OS/browser-is-used-so-we-can-hack-it-to-hopefully-work ! 
//browser detection var OS=null; var browser=null; var version=null;
browser ="Konqueror"; OS = "Linux"
browser = "Safari" ....browser = "OmniWeb" ....browser = "Opera"
..browser = "WebTV"..browser = "iCab"...browser = "Internet Explorer" 
..else browser = "An unknown browser"   <-- Too bad for ETH !?>
OS = "Linux"...OS = "Mac" ...OS = "Windows"... etc.

<><><><><><><><><> Edgar wrote:
> while pondering a little bit about the task of creating a LinAos I got an idea.
> Seeing that nowadays Linux distributions start to come with Xen I wonder
> whether an AOS for Xen would be a solution for our problem to have Linux
> tools in parallel to AOS ?

Since I'm probably not the only one who never heard about Xen:
'Xen is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution 
of multiple guest operating systems...Xen is Open Source software.'
Apparently it's much faster than VNC ?

> > But no: it won't render my
> > existing
> > *.htm[l] !!   Is this because the original N-O
> > browser has 
> > transformed the downloaded source, for it's own use
> > ?

> John M. Drake wrote:
> Most likely.  When you "Store" a Text frame it
> get's saved as a Text even if it was originally
> an HTML file.  If you want to save the actual
> HTML you can by first doing the command:

Thanks HTMLDocs.ShowHTML * does it.

The reason why these basic/essential commands get lost
from memory if not regularly used is because of the 
garbage/clutter pushed 'in your face' by the art school kiddies.

What happened to the 'any browser movement' ?

== Chris Glur.

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