[Oberon] Message queue and Pointer

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it
Thu May 11 12:49:29 CEST 2006

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Frey ha scritto:

> Hi Dan,
> First, the application you have created is very impressive.

I hope in the positive sense?
It's just a framework for easy development of database applications. It 
is composed of an XML database, an IDE, client/server communication 
protocol, and a client side GUI that render the forms designed by IDE, 
compile and executes the event modules. All application objects created 
by IDE are stored in an application database, shared by all customers 
using that application, and it's own data database. The server is 
Bluebottle, of course.
Then I have extended the framework to access SQL databases running on a 
remote Windows server, most for integration purpose. In a Page 
(master/detail combined forms) we mix SQL data from ERP with XML related 

> To your problem, my first guess is an interleaving of mouse move
> messages and invalidate requests that prevents the mouse messages from
> being merged (as they normally are if there is no interleaving message
> in the queue).
> What you could try is to add a dump routine in the sequencer object in
> WMMessages. When a message has to be thrown away the first time (in
> the method where it is queued), the dump could go through the queue of
> messages and write the message types to a log. (Make sure to only do
> this the first time it happens or the first time after a recovered
> message, since the trace output would be enormous and would not bring
> more insight than the first dump)
Thank you for the hint. I have tried to trace the messages, but it was 
so verbose, I didn't understand much.

Dan Parnete

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