[Oberon] {Oberon] Linux port of Bluebottle

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sun May 14 22:48:15 CEST 2006

"paul provoost" <p.provoost at hotmail.com> schrieb:
> I am also interested in a Linux port of Bluebottle.
> Anyone else ?
I'm definitely interested. But I'm a lazy guy. I think as much as possible should
be reused from the original Blubottle. For original effort and also maintenance
work. So atm I think Xen should be the way to go.

> Who could do such a port?
Does Bluebottle for Xen sound interesting for ETH ?
Would be very efficient I think and also replace other virtualization schemes.

Cheers Edgar

P.S. I'm still working on running my WebDAV stuff on WinAOS. My current tasks
are some tricky problems with the winsock API.

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