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Mon May 15 07:31:24 CEST 2006

Re:  Subject: Re:  Linux port of Bluebottle

"paul provoost" <p.provoost at hotmail.com> schrieb:
> > I am also interested in a Linux port of Bluebottle.
> > Anyone else ?

Let's first let the N-O port 'bed in'.
I've tested Unix Oberon OK on Mandrake9.1 & FC1;
unthreaded so far.    For some combinations I manged 
to get [not in Oberon] the linux ap. to hang, or do
a big 'wait', by following unfamiliar [to me routes].
This could be unrelated to Unix Oberon ?

Until I find a tollerable mail & news client[s] I won't
be exercising it much.  Although I happily used 
Netscape 8/10 years ago I now have no patience for
hunting through the baroque-menues for the 
setting-locations of Mozilla.  
What is wrong with these people ?
Why can't they group it all in one place like N-O ?
A nice simple MailNews client in mulinux, said to be
based on mutt, caused me to investigate 'full version'
mutt.  It seems to have about 50 options !
Perhaps I can start with a small subset ?

Allowing ETH-oberon-family to ride on the back of
linux is definately a good route to follow.
USB is now also easy; and as more drivers and inet
facilities which ETH can't catch up with are added
we can still use the advantages of ETH-oberon-family.

The need to change from N-O fingering to linux/gpm
as you move in & out of Unix Oberon, might disturb some
users.  Reading the *linux* NewsGroups indicates that
other users have a different work style to me: I normally
[even in X] have at least 4 mc's open [most work consists
of transfering text between files - eg. every new job needs 
to be 'logged/described' ] and I can't understand that 
someone advises "use top in VT mode and <something else> 
in GUI mode".

edgar at edgarschwarz.de wrote:
> I think as much as possible should be reused from 
> the original Blubottle. 

Yes, this seems to have been acheived by Unix Oberon:
even the wrong 'underlineChar' is retained from the
previous millenium.  

> For original effort and also maintenance work. 
> So atm I think Xen should be the way to go.
> > Who could do such a port?
> Does Bluebottle for Xen sound interesting for ETH ?
> Would be very efficient I think and also replace other 
> virtualization schemes.

If my linux VNC works can I also run Win* in the same session ?
Forte's Agent, under Win*, was my favorite NewsReader.

== Chris Glur.

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