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Wed May 24 19:04:02 CEST 2006

Thomas, Chris, John,

c> what language is this ?

Oberon, directly out of PC Native 05.01.2003.

j> ... so that there is no recursion at all, even indirectly.

OK thanks.

t> This is just the compile time evaluation of a "CAP" of a constant ...

I have that part of the picture now.  

OPC.Mod has a Cap.  Perhaps it is the built-in CAP.  

	PROCEDURE Cap* (VAR z, x: Item); (* z := CAP (x) *)
		VAR c: Item;
		MakeCon (c, OPT.chartyp, 5FH);
		load (x);
		Gen3 (and, z, x, c)
	END Cap;
I'll guess that load (x); puts the character in 
a register in the cpu.  Would be interesting to 
understand how MakeCon and Gen3 work to upcase a 

Thanks,       ... Peter

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