[Oberon] Need par-port Tx/Rx & buffers algorithm.

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri May 26 08:08:03 CEST 2006

This relates to my previous post, in that, if a tool existed 
which assisted 'copying over' code from other languages
[Ie. by eliminating the trivail but essential syntax differences]
then I/we could quickly hack-together trivial-aps. like
what I need now:
  a pair [or combined] of routines to transfer files between
  2 ETH-oberon boxes, via parallel-port - presumably 
  nyble-wide data path.

Preferably written to be easily transformed/extended for 
a serial-port.

Linux-Oberon has no V24 module.
It apparently uses linux's serial driver[s] ?
Amazing that it acheives the N-O look and feel so well.
All older PCs have par-ports.
Using 2 network cards to move data on a 2 point route
  over 4 meters is absurd.  There's no networking to do !

I have to keep my old-standard N-O box [with multiple
partitions/topics] running while I evolve and move stuff
to the linux-oberon box.
The old box doesn't do USB and Backup.* can cause 
N-O to fail. Besides AFAIK linux-oberon lacks Backup.Obj,
which is OK since Linux can do fd0.

Only the par-port is conveniently free.
There must be countless [student exercise] listings of 
C or Pascal 'Tx/RX by par-port with buffer' routines.

Can someone help me, Please ?  Or even oberon code ;-)
In connection with the lack of libraries, I'm in principle
against 'oldies' continually redesigning the same 
algorithms repeatedly !

== Chris Glur.

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