[Oberon] ObeDAV and connection delays

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sun Oct 8 23:48:03 MEST 2006

after more hours than expected I can get a versionlist and also a given version
from mod_dav_svn. 
This was tricky because Subversion is using a custom report for that instead of
the standard DeltaV UPDATE or VERSION-CONTROL methods. Also they send diffs to
a baseversion packaged with Base64 in XML. 
That's not bad in principle. But it meant that I had to implement handling of
Base64 and the svndiff format in my XML document.
So now I can add new files to a repository, make new versions and also get back
older versions using Oberon from an Apache with mod_dav_svn. These are the basics.

If somebody has a contribution to Native or Bluebottle I can register him as a
developer, make a directory for him and he can version his project at sourceforge
as part of the ObeDAV project.

A funny thing still is that I have long delays between my commands. It looks like
my reader on the HTTP connection to Apache doesn't return at once. 
Perhaps only after a timeout ? I tell Apache that I'm speaking HTTP 1.1. There
are persistent connections possible. So perhaps I will have to tell Apache to close
the connection nevertheless after data is sent ?
Any chance that AosIO readers will give a probem in this context ?
If somebody has experienced similiar problems ...

Cheers, Edgar

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