[Oberon] "http://wwww.edgar-schwarz.de/repos/obedav"

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sun Oct 15 22:46:04 MEST 2006

because the Subversion repository at Sourceforge is using https: it seems that
no access from Bluebottle is possible. 
I wonder: There is a SSH for Oberon (Didn't try it yet). So how hard would it be
to implement https: for Oberon ?
Nevertheless I struggled a while with Suse9.3 and yast. Finally I managed to
get a Subversion with mod_dav_svn on "http://wwww.edgar-schwarz.de/repos/obedav"
You see, no "https:" this time :-) So you can access it using Oberon.
If you use the normal browser you get the head revision of each file.
For doing more you must use SvnDeltaV. Access is rather primitve atm,
but works. You also can use a plain vanilla Windows or Linux SVN client tool.
If somebody wants to play I create a directory for him.
Please also read "http://wwww.edgar-schwarz.de/repos/obedav/ObeDAV.Text".
If you have any questions, come on.
BTW, I would be very interested in a https: for Oberon. Obviously it's no
problem to use "http://wwww.edgar-schwarz.de/repos/obedav"
but "https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/obedav" has the big advantage that
the project there has support consisting of forums, mailinglists, webbased
repository browser, ...
The infrastructure from Sourceforge can be used nevertheless. Only probably
not from Oberon.

Cheers, Edgar

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